An individual gives 40,000 euros to “reduce the state deficit”

An individual donated 40,000 euros “In order to reduce the State’s public deficit”, according to a decree published in the Official Journal and welcomed by the Minister of Public Accounts, Olivier Dussopt.

“At the Olympics this morning. Rare … 😉 Thank you to this donor », wrote in a message on Instagram Olivier Dussopt Thursday evening.

The same morning a “Order accepting a donation”, stipulating that“Is accepted the donation of a sum of money in the amount of forty thousand euros, paid by check dated January 15, 2021, granted in order to reduce the public deficit of the State by Mr. Michel Fache”.

No further details are given about this person.

A report by the Court of Auditors on the situation of public finances, dating from last June, assessed at the time the public debt at “The equivalent of almost 40,000 euros per French”. These forecasts have since been reassessed, due to a slightly better situation than the initial estimates.

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