An Indian is spending 4.8 hours on the phone every day

Mobile Use :  Smartphones have changed the lives of people in many ways. Today it has become an important part of life of most of the people. Apart from chatting, calling and essential work, mobile has also become a means of playing games and entertainment. Whether at home or outside or office, you will be seen using mobile most of the time everywhere. As a result of this, India has reached the fourth place in the world in terms of spending the most time on mobile. This information has come out from a recent report. Let’s know what else is in this report.

Indonesia at No.1

increased figure compared to last year

If we look at this report, it is known that in the first quarter of last year, this figure was of 4 hours. This time it has increased by .8. The maximum number of people playing games, which is 4.8 hours a day.

App downloads also increased

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