American men love to lengthen their legs

Of the nearly 40 leg traction operations performed by Dr. Shahab Mahhoubian each year, more than 80% of the patients are male.

Shahab Mahhoubian has 13 years of experience performing limb lengthening interventions. He treats patients like children and observes their changes day by day. Many people after the intervention exceeded the average height of American men (1.75 m).

Every day, Dr. Shahab receives about 20 emails asking about the limb lengthening procedure, even up to 40 suggestions if sharing the article on social networks. Most people believe that adult height is the ultimate, but today’s foot surgeries help change their mind.

“People are mostly asking about the cost or how soon after surgery they can play sports. They also want to know how the surgery will affect their lives,” Mr. Shahab said.

Doctor Shahab Mahboubian with a patient before and after surgery. Image: Shahab Mahboubian

The cost of foot surgery is quite expensive, about 75,000-90,000 USD, depending on the wishes of each person. Insurance will not pay for cases performed for cosmetic purposes. Patients seek out leg-lengthening services from all walks of life, many of whom are businessmen, serve in the military or work in the technology fields. They often take advantage of the epidemic time to operate and recover.

80-85% of customers looking to Dr. Shahab’s leg lengthening service are men. Many of them say that they are not taken seriously, become a joke, lost career opportunities or have a difficult relationship because of being short.

Surgery patients from 16 to 65 years old, including twins, siblings, even fathers and children with birth defects or have had trauma affecting their height. Some transgender men also want to be taller to show their masculinity.

“After their height improved, they were all happy, confident and felt that they could achieve more goals. I was like a coach or cheerleader when they were confident,” the doctor said. and said that after the intervention can increase height at least 4 cm, while others can increase up to 16 cm.

Dr Mahboubian stands with a patient before and after two surgeries.  Photo: Shahab Mahboubian

Dr Mahboubian stands with a patient before and after two surgeries. Image: Shahab Mahboubian

Like most cosmetic procedures, the male doctor believes that no psychiatric evaluation is necessary before performing leg traction surgery, unless requested. Your doctor may also refuse surgery if you don’t have enough muscle tone or don’t have realistic goals.

“Skeletal stretching forces the surrounding soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, veins, arteries and nerves to also lengthen. The more flexible the person, the easier it is to stretch the bone, as long as they are healthy, active and not patients with bone diseases are more suitable for surgery,” he explained.

With cases expressing their desire to grow 30 cm taller, Dr. Shahab immediately refused because “it won’t happen”. 16 cm is the maximum he can add to a patient’s height for cosmetic reasons and the surgery needs to be spaced at least 3-4 weeks apart. Particularly for patients who have only undergone one surgery, they can only grow 8 cm taller.

Each patient usually spends 2-3 days in the hospital recovering. And it takes 6-8 months or a year to perform activities that require strength of the legs or play sports.

According to Shahab, each orthopedic surgeon can perform dozens of leg extensions, earning $250,000 to $2 million a year or more.

Minh Phuong (According to Insider)


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