Amazon integrates Pantry with Fresh Store in India, learn which cities launched new service

Amazon is going to integrate its Pantry Service with its Fresh Store to make it easier for consumers to make grocery shopping in India. On Friday, Amazon India announced the integration of the Pantry with Fresh in the cities where Fresh is currently operating. Explain that the new service will be given only in those cities where fresh service is available.

Amazon has started a new service in these cities

Amazon said in a press release that the next two weeks will be a new experience for customers in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mysore. At the same time, in the coming months, this new retired will also reach the cities where the services of fresh are present. In the remaining 290 cities, consumers will continue to get unmatched savings on choosing dry groceries on Amazon Pantry.

Amazon India director (category management) Siddharth Nambiar said that in the new integrated store, consumers will be able to buy a huge range of fruits and vegetables, frozen and chilled products. They will also have a two-hour delivery slot from 6 am to midnight.

Integration will make it easier for customers to buy groceries

Amazon also said that the integration will help the customers to make the grocery shopping experience easier. Previously, customers often had to add items to their carts that were split between the pantry and fresh, leading to different delivery times for different products depending on the store. Now, you can order anything from food to stomach products and it can also be delivered in one go. Integration will be available on both the Amazon app and the desktop or mobile website.

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