Alone on the high seas at the age of 75: death drama on the Atlantic

Bordeaux – He wanted to row across the Atlantic in three months – and paid for it with his life!

Drama about the French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin (75). According to the agency “AFP”, he died trying to cross the Atlantic alone in his rowing boat.

The Portuguese coast guard first discovered Savin’s sunken boat off the Azores on Friday. Finally, on Saturday, a Coast Guard diver found Savin’s body in the cabin of the boat, his support team said. The exact circumstances of the accident still have to be clarified, it is said.

“Be assured that I am not in danger,” wrote Jean-Jacques Savin (75) shortly before the accidentPhoto: PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP

The enthusiastic triathlete and former paratrooper left the southern tip of mainland Portugal on January 1 for the Atlantic crossing. Shortly thereafter he had to take a longer route due to unfavorable wind conditions.

Savin celebrated his 75th birthday on January 14 with foie gras and champagne aboard his boat. He described the planned crossing of the Atlantic in a rowing boat as an opportunity to “laugh at old age”. His rowing boat was named “L’Audacieux”, which means “The Bold”.

Savin wanted to make the route across the Atlantic in three months

Savin wanted to make the route across the Atlantic in three monthsPhoto: PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP

According to CNN, on Wednesday he wrote on Facebook that strong winds extended his journey by 900 km and that he was having problems with his solar energy. And added, “Rest assured I’m not in any danger!”

In the night to Friday, contact with Savin broke off. He was able to fire off two more flares, signaling that he was in an emergency.

“Unfortunately this time the ocean was stronger than our friend who loved sailing and the sea so much,” it said in a statement on its Facebook page.

In 2019, Savin crossed the Atlantic in a barrel in 127 days. At the time, thousands of people followed his adventure on the Internet. This time Savin wanted to reach the Caribbean in an eight meter long and 1.70 wide rowboat, which was equipped with 300 kilograms of equipment and supplies.


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