Alleged rape: Public prosecutor wants to indict Dieter Wedel

Munich – Dieter Wedel (81) would have preferred not to see himself in this leading role …

► The Munich 1 public prosecutor’s office has brought charges against the director (“Der große Bellheim”). The accusation: Wedel is said to have raped the actress Jany Tempel (51) in the Munich luxury hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten” in 1996.

Actress received in a bathrobe

The woman went to the director in his room for an interview. Wedel received her in a bathrobe. While reading an erotic scene in a script together, he decided to have sex with Tempel.

Actress Jany Tempel accused Dieter WedelPhoto: Christian Vierfuß

After a physical confrontation, Wedel is said to have thrown the injured party onto the hotel room bed and had sexual intercourse with her. Tempel decided not to offer any more resistance for fear of further violence.

The preliminary investigation lasted three years. Because, according to the public prosecutor, indirect witnesses first had to be tracked down and in some cases questioned abroad. In addition, the preparation of a psychological report on the filmmaker took almost a year.

Wedel’s lawyer Dörthe Korn (48) sharply criticized the indictment. The investigations had “resulted in no radical new points of view regarding the burden on our client”. The lawyer to BILD: “The allegation is ultimately based solely on the assertion of the co-plaintiff.”

▶ ︎ It will now be decided in an interim procedure whether the prosecution will also be admitted to a main hearing. If that happens, Wedel has to appear in court. Alexander Stevens (39), Jany Tempel’s lawyer, on BILD: “The indictment is a right and important step for all real victims of sexual violence.”


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