All intensive care beds full +++ District Administrator under police protection – The Corona collapse of Hildburghausen

Hildburghausen – New records every day, a sharp lockdown and disbelief over 400 ruthless demonstrators.


The numbers in the now pink district (Robert Koch Institute) shot up again yesterday. The 7-day incidence value reached 630 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants – still a record!

► Red alert in hospitals! All eight intensive care beds in the district are currently occupied, two of them with Covid-19 patients.

► Great concern for the neighbors! During the BILD visit to the Suhl emergency spot (incidence: 79), it becomes clear: In the independent city that borders the Hildburghausen district, many worry that the virus will spill over. A city hall spokesman told BILD: “We have to reduce the number and chains of infections in our country as best as possible, bundle all available forces for containment.”

Problem for Suhl: a good 8,000 people commute to the city every day, many from Hildburghausen. The mayor in neighboring Coburg (Bavaria), Dominik Sauerteig (SPD), fears that the commuters will spread further.

► Death threat against the district administrator! Because Thomas Müller (CDU) sent his district into lockdown and closed daycare centers and schools, he is threatened. On the Internet, a user wrote aloud “Free Word”: “Müller, you stupid pig. Take a rope and hang yourself. ”Another commented:“ I think it is better if we help him with it. ”Müller is now getting police protection, the criminal investigation department is investigating.

District Administrator Thomas Müller received death threats and is now under police protectionPhoto: Michael Reichel / dpa

► Sharp criticism of the state government! The head of the CDU parliamentary group, Mario Voigt, visited Hildburghausen yesterday, told BILD: “I have no understanding of the hostility. The district administrator and his team do a committed job for the citizens. “

Voigt made red-red-green jointly responsible for the situation. “The district was left out in the rain for too long at kindergartens and schools.” Müller’s urgent request for school closings was not supported for a long time.

Test chaos! From Tuesday, mass rapid tests are to begin in schools and daycare centers. The mayors of Eisfeld and Heldburg have already announced that they will not take part.

Meanwhile, the Altenburger Land and the district of Sonneberg are becoming further hotspots. There the incidence value rose to over 300 in each case.


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