Alien Festival in Roswell – BILD in the “UFO Capital of the World”

New high point in America’s UFO year!

According to the Pentagon report published at the end of June, the growing curiosity about UFOs and extraterrestrials remains omnipresent. The biggest UFO festival in the country took place this weekend in legendary Roswell, New Mexico, just in time for America’s national holiday, the “Fourth of July” (July 4th).

The UFO capital of the world achieved global fame through an alleged crash of a flying saucer in 1947 – and thereby became the “ground zero” of enthusiasts of inexplicable phenomena.

This sign greeted visitors to Roswell on SundayPhoto: Katie Pflegehar

A rancher had found mysterious debris on his property at the time. The military cleared the crash site in no time, and other witnesses were pressured to remain silent about their observations forever. The official statement from the military at the time was that it was a weather balloon. But since then there have been rumors: Allegedly there were experiments on the UFO and possibly even on recovered aliens – carried out in the secret military installation “Area 51”.

BILD experienced the exuberant atmosphere of the more than ten thousand participants at this year’s UFO Festival. In a colorful parade, people march dressed as green aliens, “Stormtroopers” from “Star Wars”, a man on roller skates with a saucer strapped around his stomach, a family in costumes that symbolize an alien abduction and also a man in a NASA -Space suit that has a skeleton strapped to the back.

Everything works, nothing has to be done: Visitors in disguise at the UFO Festival

Everything works, nothing has to be done: Visitors in disguise at the UFO FestivalPhoto: Katie Pflegehar

Many have wire mounted antennas on their heads. Dogs were also dressed up. Marching past a military brass band and the local fire brigade seems more earthly.

Of course, alien disguises are particularly popular

Of course, alien disguises are particularly popularPhoto: Katie Pflegehar

Should aliens actually land here, they would be amazed at the inhabitants of this planet …

A family dressed up in green alien costumes

A family dressed up in green alien costumesPhoto: Katie Pflegehar

Jimmy Tarbutton wears a hat made of aluminum foil: “That prevents the aliens from reading my mind,” he laughs. He only came “to see the funny costumes of all these madmen”. That’s fun. He himself is firmly convinced that we humans are alone in the universe: “Aliens do not exist, God created the earth for humanity – there is only us!”

We meet “Dr. Okun ”, the quirky scientist with tousled gray hair from the cult film“ Independence Day ”(1996), who conducts experiments with UFOs and aliens in“ Area 51 ”in the film. He greets with movie quotes. Behind the masquerade is Charles McCarty, a former federal agent from Dallas, Texas: “People love this character at every one of these festivals,” he says. On the UFO issue, however, he remains surprisingly diplomatic: “It is within the realm of the imaginable that there are planets out there with intelligent civilizations.” But McCarty has not yet seen anything conclusive that they have visited our earth – but adds: ” The governments are hiding a lot here ”.

Charles McCarty, disguised as “Dr.  Okun ”, at the UFO festival

Charles McCarty, disguised as “Dr. Okun ”, at the UFO festivalPhoto: Katie Pflegehar

The “International UFO Museum and Research Center” will also be the meeting point for festival visitors.

Here the so-called “Roswell Event” of the alleged UFO crash 74 years ago is documented in minute detail with exhibits, photos, information texts and entire installations. A long line of people has formed in front of the entrance. Krass: The alleged autopsy of the extraterrestrials who died at the time was reproduced behind a glass wall – in full life size. On the autopsy table lies an alien corpse, the size of a six-year-old child, with huge eyes, four-fingered hands and very serious injuries. In addition, three examining doctors and a watchdog in the FBI look.

The book author Donald R. Schmitt and his colleagues interviewed 600 witnesses of the incident – and one thing is clear to him: a UFO crashed, and there were fatalities “who were not from this earth”, as he explains to BILD.

Book author Donald R. Schmitt

Book author Donald R. SchmittPhoto: Katie Pflegehar

There would have been a military cleanup, evidence removed, witnesses silenced. The remains of the saucer would have been taken to the Wright Field military base in Dayton, Ohio, where the technology and materials would have been tested and analyzed. More than a dozen people would have seen the corpses, dozens more the incredible materials: paper-thin, bulletproof and, once crumpled up, as smooth as water.

Roswell is proud of its reputation as the “UFO capital of the world”, emphasizes tourism manager Juanita Jennings: The flow of visitors would be the economic engine! “The UFO incident, that’s what Roswell makes Roswell,” she says.

► In figures: 229,000 visitors last visited the city each year, many are UFO believers, “others just want to find out more”. And there are also hardcore fans who come to Roswell to make contact with foreign civilizations.

“They come with antennas, wear aluminum foil hats and bring whole machines with them.” The recent U-turn by the US government and the armed forces to take unexplained phenomena first would also be “a blessing for Roswell,” she says: It makes the story more interesting. The local museum also acts as a research center for unidentified flying objects.

The report published last month by the Pentagon and the secret services on unknown objects in flight raised almost more questions than answers. 143 of the 144 examined “uncanny encounters” remain inexplicable, the US government had to admit. The speculation promptly intensified. Here in Roswell too.

Bill Bush, a science fiction writer, wrote his very own alien theory in his books: According to this, most aliens would have escaped after the crash and would now hide underground. “They multiply in order to form an army – big and powerful enough to have the chance to attack, in which they can get their spaceships back and then conquer the world with them,” he says with deadly serious expression.

Sci-Fi writer Bill Bush

Sci-Fi writer Bill BushPhoto: Katie Pflegehar

In the meantime, bestselling author Schmitt also comments on the latest UFO report by the Pentagon: “As feared, very little was revealed here – and why have only incidents since 2004 been investigated,” he criticizes. But he also sees positive things: “The public report was a signal to future UFO witnesses that they are no longer exposed to scorn and ridicule, the whole stigma, this taboo has been broken – I hope that more people will now report if they do See mysterious things in heaven! “


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