Algerian War, childhood and faith: the cinema releases of June 2

Men ***

by Lucas Belvaux

Franco-Belgian film, 1 h 41

Lucas Belvaux signs a very beautiful adaptation of the novel by Laurent Mauvignier on the traces left by the Algerian conflict in the memory of the conscripts. The film mixes the voices of yesterday with those of today to better underline the individual sufferings of a war that did not want to speak its name.

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Little mom ***

by Céline Sciamma

French film, 1 h 12

Which children were our parents? wonders Céline Sciamma in this small jewel of purity and delicacy, which is adorned with the finery of the tale to evoke with sensitivity the mourning, the transmission and the loneliness of the only child.

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The seminarians **

by Ivan Ostrochovsky

Slovak movie, 1 h 18

In communist Czechoslovakia in the early 1980s, two theology students had to choose between submission to the regime and being faithful to their convictions.

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Villa Caprice **

by Bernard Stora

French film, 1 h 43

For his fifth film as director, screenwriter Bernard Stora signs a brilliant psychological thriller, served by two sharp actors, Niels Arestrup and Patrick Bruel.

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♦ Suzanna Andler *

by Benoît Jacquot

French film, 1 h 31

The director transposes a play that the writer has disowned, rightly one is tempted to think, with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Niels Schneider.

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