Alexander Zverev: “Munich is like a small family”

The MTTC Iphitos is like a second living room for Alexander Zverev (24). Germany’s best tennis player won here in 2017 and 2018. After three years, the man from Hamburg now wants the third trophy at the BMW Open. The number 6 in the world is of course in position 1.

BILD: Munich is only a 250 tournament. Why do you still keep coming back?

Zverev: “It’s still a tournament in my home country. Playing in Germany is always nice. I won twice in Munich and after winning the last two German tournaments in Cologne in October, I hope it will continue like this. “

Alexander Zverev has been in Munich since Wednesday. He came from Monaco, where he lives and also played his last tournamentPhoto: Getty Images

BILD: What is special about the Munich tournament?

Zverev: “Munich is generally a special place for me. I won my first title in Germany here. I won again the following year. Now I want the third win and I hope that I can show good tennis. “

BILD: What do you like about the system?

Zverev: “The fans make a lot of difference, but this year is different. I just feel good here. It’s a real tennis club, a family atmosphere, you don’t play very often on a course like this. You know each other, live like a small family. I usually meet my friends in Munich too. But that’s all difficult this year. “

BILD: But your family is already there, isn’t it?

Zverev: “Yes. My brother Mischa also plays himself. He has his family with him. Our parents come from Hamburg, of course with a dog. Lövik is there too. “

BILD: Is Munich one of the better 250 tournaments in terms of line-up?

Zverev: “The field here is always very strong for this category. All top German players are there. I’m number 1 and I know about Jannik Sinner’s form. Plus Aslan Karazew, who turned everything upside down at the Australian Open until the semi-finals. It’s going to be a great week. “

Alexander Zverev (r.) Already trained with his buddy Sergej Bubka junior on the facility of the MTTC Iphitos

Alexander Zverev (r.) Already trained with his buddy Sergej Bubka junior on the facility of the MTTC IphitosPhoto: Getty Images for BMW.

BILD: Speaking of Sinner. It’s already a generation after you. Do you recognize yourself a little in him?

Zverev: “I’ve always said it comes up quickly. He is now in a phase where I was 19 or 20 years old. You just play tennis with no pressure and no specific tasks. That’s the best feeling. If he does that well, he will quickly climb the world rankings and get into the top 10. He is very talented and developing rapidly. Whenever I see him, I think he’s grown half a head again (laughs). “

BILD: So the Italian is a potential number 1?

Zverev: “He has the potential, but there is a long way to go. He’ll lose a few matches that he shouldn’t lose, but he’ll get through that, that’s normal and part of it. It was the same for me in 2019. In general, the best players all had such a phase. I have a lot of respect for him. “

Jannik Sinner is one of the top talents in world tennis.  Alexander Zverev thinks a lot of him

Jannik Sinner is one of the top talents in world tennis. Alexander Zverev thinks a lot of himPhoto: Getty Images

BILD: You won in Acapulco, then dropped out early in Miami and Monaco. How’s your form?

Zverev: “I think I play well, I am in good shape. I’ve just had physical problems since Miami. My elbow bothered me there, plus a sunstroke, where after the first set against Emil Ruusuvuori I couldn’t play anymore. The elbow came back in Monaco, even though I didn’t serve for three weeks in training between Miami and Monaco. I only trained for the first time the day before the first match. I won that too and was surprised by myself that I was so good. But the next game was over. You cannot gain anything with such a kind of non-preparation. “

BILD: What is the exact problem with the elbow?

Zverev: “That would be too complicated to explain now. There is something on the bone that doesn’t feel so nice. I have many methods of treating this: shock wave therapy, injections and lots of time. “

Alexander Zverev celebrated his last tournament victory in Acapulco in March

Alexander Zverev celebrated his last tournament victory in Acapulco in MarchPhoto: ALFREDO ESTRELLA / AFP

BILD: So you have more treatment than training before Munich?

Zverev: “First of all, I want to say: I feel good on the pitch, that’s extremely important. As soon as the elbow is fine again, it goes forward. But I didn’t touch the bat after Monaco. “

BILD: How long have you been in Munich?

Zverev: “I arrived on Wednesday and had the health check for the Olympic Games on Thursday. I want to be fit there. I not only play singles in Tokyo, but also mixed with Angelique Kerber. “

BILD: There should be a vaccination offer for the Olympic team. Are you in favor of the Tokyo drivers being vaccinated as soon as possible?

Zverev: “I don’t want to say much, it’s easily misinterpreted these days, no matter what you say. That’s too political for me. I don’t have a vaccination yet and I think everyone should do it as they see fit. “

BILD: How are you going to continue after Munich?

Zverev: “The Masters in Madrid and Rome, then the French Open. So I won’t change anything as far as the tournaments are concerned compared to the last few years. “


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