Alex Dietrich reveals what it looked like: Fighter pilot admits: “I chased a UFO!”

Annapolis – Alex Dietrich (41) from Annapolis (US state Maryland) is a mother of three, a fighter pilot – and used to hunt UFOs!

In the “Washington Post” and on the CBS program “60 Minutes”, the former Navy pilot now reports how she encountered a UFO that looked like a tic-tac dragée on a flight off the California coast.

“I never wanted to be on TV. But I was on a taxpayer-sponsored plane serving as a military officer. Citizens have questions. If I can give a reasonable answer or help, I will, ”said Lieutenant Commander Dietrich.

Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich sits in the jet that she flew from 2001 to 2007Photo: private

It happened on November 14th, 2004: The aircraft carrier “USS Princeton” had sighted an unidentified flying object that had lost more than 24,000 meters in less than a second. Weapons systems officer Dietrich and her colleague climbed into two F / A-18 Hornet jets to examine the object.

The pilots discovered the UFO, which is said to have been as big as their jets. Dietrich’s boss, Commander David Fravor, told her to give him cover as a wingman while he flew closer. Fravor had been the first to speak about the UFO encounter.

US commanders encounter unknown flying object - infographic

The unknown flying object played a game of cat and mouse with the fighter jets: It mimicked the movements, suddenly shot up – and then disappeared at breakneck speed! The process took about five minutes.

When the soldiers reported about their encounter on the aircraft carrier, they were teased by their colleagues: films such as “Independence Day” or “Men in Black” were shown on the channels of the military broadcaster, and aluminum hats were distributed on the aircraft carrier.

The graphic shows what the UFO should have looked like in 2004

The graphic shows what the UFO should have looked like in 2004Photo: private

Fortunately, another pilot from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz had filmed the Tic-Tac-UFO with his on-board camera. Pictures of the video were later published under mysterious circumstances in the “New York Times” and confirmed as genuine by the US Navy.

Dietrich has since retired from military service, teaches at the US Naval Academy and looks after her three children.


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