Alaska: Man injured and pursued by a bear – rescuers find him through an SOS embassy

His quick-witted action saved a man’s life after a week of ordeal.

In the Alaskan wilderness, he said he was followed for a week by a bear that had attacked and injured him earlier. His luck: Rescuers from the coast guard discovered him from a helicopter, the authorities announced.

During their flight between the cities of Kotzebue and Nome in the remote northwest of Alaska, the man was spotted in a mining camp last Friday – thanks to “an SOS sign above a hut”. The emergency services found the man with injuries to his leg and upper body and flew him to the hospital in Nome. The injured person told his rescuers that the wounds were from a bear attack.

After the attack, the bear kept coming back to the camp at night for a whole week and followed the man. Friends of the man had reported him missing after he failed to return to Nome.

The US state of Alaska is sparsely populated and best known for its untouched nature. It is home to black, polar and brown bears, including the Kodiak bear, considered one of the largest in the world. Bear sightings are not uncommon in Alaska, but attacks on humans are rare.


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