Alarm in southern Hesse: entire district is evacuated because of a bomb

Babenhausen – Bomb alarm in southern Hesse: After at least one World War II bomb was discovered during construction work in Babenhausen, all residents of the Harreshausen district have to get out on Friday (March 26th) – around 1,100 people are affected by the evacuation!

The construction site had previously been scanned for traces of ordnance, then the bad news came …

According to the city, the find will be excavated on Friday and possibly defused. Start of the evacuation: 8 a.m. Information phone of the Babenhausen city administration (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.): 06073-60267 or 06073-60239.

Around a year ago, residents of the district had to leave their apartments and houses because a bomb was found. Mayor Dominik Stadler: “The people of Harreshäusen are those who experienced World War II bombs in Babenhausen”. Nevertheless, “an evacuation under Corona conditions is a completely different challenge.”

After 81 years A Hitler bomb explodes here

Source: Twitter / NPAS South West Region, Devon & Cornwall Police, Alliance Police Drones


Anyone who has Corona or is under quarantine will probably find accommodation in a hotel. Anyone who is not mobile can use a driving service. Emergency accommodation will be set up in the Babenhausen town hall.


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