“Alan” rescued from Ukraine – The suffering of war hell is reflected in these dog eyes

Putin’s soldiers are murdering civilians and firing rockets at houses. And animals are not spared the endless suffering of war either!

Heartbreaking scenes keep happening on the run, and many Ukrainians have to leave their pets behind. Above all, the fate of “Alan” affects. The photo of the battered dog looking sadly at the camera touched people around the world. BILD went in search of clues and located the animal.

According to the veterinarians, Alan (5) will survive his injuriesPhoto: Sergei Grits/dpa

Alan has a drain on his mind. His chest is broken. One of the more than two million refugees took him from one of the bombed out cities in eastern Ukraine. Its owners are dead or gone. But Alan is alive.

He is currently being treated in Przemysl, a city in Poland. Employees of the Ada Foundation brought him across the Ukrainian border and are also taking care of other animals there. The organization is financed by donations. The helpers don’t know his real name, but they christened him Alan. They estimate his age at five years.

His wounds were cleaned, he gets antibiotics. Veterinarian Radosław Fedaczyński: “He is a victim of war. A dozen head wounds, inflammation, a broken leg chest, parasites and skin diseases are only the visible injuries he has suffered. ”

Veterinarian Radosław Fedaczyński treats the seriously injured animal

Veterinarian Radosław Fedaczyński treats the seriously injured animalPhoto: Alan De Herrera

And: “According to the preliminary assessment of his condition, Alan may have been the victim of a beating. He was most likely abandoned or his family perished in the war.”

As soon as Alan is well again, he will be put up for adoption. And things are looking good for the half-breed, he is no longer in mortal danger.

The ADA Foundation is based in Przemysl and cares for injured animals from Ukraine. If you want to support the organization, you can donate. Receiver: Foundation ADA, Bank: Santander Bank Polska SA, BIC: WBKPPLPP, IBAN: PL27150016341216300543900000, Subject: FRONTOFHEARTH, UKRAINE


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