Aiwanger demands: commercial diesel for 1.50 euros per liter

+++ Mineral oil tax and CO2 tax for business should go +++

Munich – Bavaria’s Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (51, Free Voters) calls for the logistics industry to be relieved with cheaper fuel. “We need a commercial diesel regulation with a price of around 1.50 euros,” said Aiwanger on Sunday in the direction of the federal government. “To do this, the mineral oil tax and CO2 tax for the trade must go, which accounts for around 55 cents.”

The state could also set a commercial diesel price of a maximum of 1.50 euros and reimburse the price range above this via the tax office, for example. “There are several ways to keep the shippers alive. But what we can’t do is continue to do nothing and watch as our supply begins to wobble because of the high fuel prices,” he said. There was a risk of supply bottlenecks in supermarkets and many other areas. According to the minister, mineral oil tax and value-added tax on fuel must also be reduced to relieve motorists.

Aiwanger referred to neighboring countries that already have commercial diesel regulations. Recently, associations in the logistics and bus industry had also made similar demands.

Fuel prices had skyrocketed due to the war in Ukraine. According to ADAC, diesel cost 2.312 euros per liter on a nationwide daily average on Friday, Super E10 cost 2.20 euros.


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