Airtel’s Extreme Fiber Broadband Plan Competing Jio, Unlimited Data and 4K TV Box

More than one broadband plan is being available in the market these days. So far, Jio was holding the cheapest broadband plan, but Airtel launched its Extreme Fiber Broadband plan to compete with Jio. In response to Jio Fiber’s 399 plan, you are getting an initial plan offer of 499 rupees from Airtel. In this new plan, you will get speeds up to 1 Gbps. Also, unlimited data, Airtel Extreme Android 4K TV box and many OTT platforms will get subscription free. About 25 lakh Airtel users will be able to take advantage of the new extreme plan. Let us know which of the plans of Jio and Airtel is better.

Full details of Airtel’s broadband plans

In 1 Airtel Extreme Fiber Broadband plan, you will get the facility of unlimited data, unlimited voice calling. Only those who take landline phone with their connection will get the facility of calling.
Keeping in mind your entertainment in 2 plans, more than 1000 movies, shows, OTT apps and a series of studios will also be available.
Amazon Prime Video, Disney + Hotstar and Zee 5 will be available with Airtel Broadband plan of Rs 3999, Rs 1,499 and Rs 3,999.
Under the 4 plan, you will also get an Airtel extreme box of Rs 3,999.
5 customers will get subscription of all live TV channels and video streaming apps. It will come with Android 9.0 powered smart box intelligence remote support, in which Google Assistant Voice search support is also being provided.

Airtel’s new broadband plans cost
Airtel has started its new broadband plan from 499, 799, 999, 1499 and 3999 rupees. In this, you will get 40Mbps internet speed in a pack of 499 rupees. 100Mbps speed will be available in the plan of Rs 799, 200Mbps speed will be available in Rs 999. On the other hand, if you take a plan of 1499, then you will get 300Mbps speed and a superb speed of 1Gbps in the plan of Rs 3,999. In all plans, you will get unlimited data, unlimited calls and Airtel Extreme 4K TV box. Apart from this, you will get subscription of many OTT platforms for free.

Jio launched this plan
In August 2020, Jio launched its 4 new plans. In which Jio Fiber has plans of 399, 699, 999 and 1499 rupees. In these plans of Jio, you are getting unlimited internet, high speed facility and free subscription of many OTT platforms. The company is also offering a 30-day free trial offer for users.

Jio broadband plans cost
In Jio Fiber’s 399 plan, you will get 30 Mbps data. 100 Mbps will be available in the 699 plan and 150 Mbps in the plan of Rs 999. If you take a plan of Rs 1499, then you will be given free subscription of 300 Mbps data speed and top 12 paid OTT apps.


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