Agreement with landlord: Frank Zander can stay in his apartment for the time being

Berlin – Uff !!! That was closer than close! Singer Frank Zander (79, “Here comes Kurt”) has reached an agreement with his landlord. The termination without notice is off the table!

Originally the Charlottenburg district court had decided in the summer that Zander had to vacate his apartment on Witzlebenstrasse by October 31st. That has now been averted by the agreement.

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Frank Zander to BILD: “My wife Evy and I are totally relieved and we are very happy about the agreement at the last second. I certainly didn’t always behave skillfully. And I’m sorry about that too. ”

Zander has lived in the house in Charlottenburg for 54 years

Photo: Ralf Lutter

In the settlement agreement, the landlord is also conciliatory. He asks the Zander family to apologize for the impairments and burdens suffered by the construction work.

The joint declaration: “Mr. Zander and I both took a step towards each other, were able to clear up misunderstandings and found a fair solution that both sides can live with,” said Mr. Michael Pribil.

“I would like to apologize to Mr. Zander for the inconvenience during the construction work,” said Michael Pribil. “I overreacted at the time due to my stressful life situation and would like to expressly apologize for the unnecessary verbal derailments with Mr. Pribil”, summarized Mr. Zander.

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Frank Zander performs regularly at music festivals. Here he flatters with singer Olaf Henning (“Come on, get the lasso out!”) At the “SchlagerOlymp” in Berlin

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Flashback: His new apartment owner from Bavaria had won his eviction action in the first instance. But the judgment did not become final. Zander told BILD at the time: “I don’t understand this judgment. I can’t accept it. I’ve lived here for 54 years. ”

The landlord wanted Zander to vacate the apartment on the fourth floor after the termination without notice by the end of October 2021. The entertainer, on the other hand, demanded repayment for rent that was overpaid.

The row started two years ago when the house owner Michael Pribil started to expand the attic. Work on four new apartments began without warning, although Zander had rented and used the attic for 33 years.

The attic where he had his painting studio and where the stage equipment was stored was given notice of only six weeks in advance.

The peak of the disputes: In April 2020 and January 2021, parts of the ceilings in Zander’s apartment fell and his study was reduced to rubble. The rooms were locked by the public order office, the singer was angry and made his frustration public. At the same time, a swear word slipped out of him.

The dispute escalated, Pribil quit the apartment without notice. Now, after the agreement, Zander and his wife Evy can relax for the first time: “The past years and months have not been easy for us. Now I’m concentrating on taking care of the homeless and needy before Christmas with the Caritas food truck. “


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