Again alarm in Ischgl: Kitzloch waiter tested positive for Corona

Ischgl – Corona alarm again in the Austrian ski paradise Ischgl! The state of Tyrol has announced that a service employee at the après ski bar Kitzloch in Ischgl tested positive for Covid-19. In a public appeal, guests are asked to be tested on their own initiative and to watch out for symptoms.

The person last worked on Christmas Eve in the restaurant, according to the health authority. She has had symptoms since December 25th. In the bar, employees must wear FFP2 protective masks. Guests are only allowed into the restaurant with 2G proof and must wear masks outside of the seat.

In Ischgl, skiers may only be transported to the slopes in the gondolas with FFP2 masks and 2G certification

Photo: Expa Johann Groder / dpa

The police are now checking the registration lists so that they can contact the guests directly. According to the authorities, visitors to the bar who were in the Kitzloch between December 23 and 24 should have a PCR test carried out as a precaution, watch out for symptoms and initially avoid crowds.

“The Kitzloch was already the starting point for a corona pandemic wave in spring 2020”

Dr. Peter Kolba from the VSV consumer protection association, who oversees several claims for damages by corona sufferers against the state of Tyrol, is outraged: “In spring 2020, the Kitzloch was already the starting point for a Covid pandemic wave for all of Europe. Now events seem to be repeating themselves. The following questions arise for the Tyrolean health authorities: Why do you have to be publicly invited to test when it would be possible to do so much more quickly using the mandatory guest registration? Hasn’t a guest registration been carried out in Kitzloch? “

British vacationers without a test and proof of vaccination had to leave

Meanwhile, around 100 British vacationers have been refused entry to the Tyrolean ski region. As the police in Innsbruck announced, the travelers could not show any negative PCR tests or booster vaccinations when they arrived at the city’s airport on Sunday. Most of the vacationers flew back immediately.

Since Saturday there have been tightened entry rules for guests from Great Britain and the Netherlands as well as Denmark and Norway. Tourists from these four countries affected by the Omikron variant are only allowed into the country with a test and third-party vaccination – otherwise they have to be in quarantine.


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