After the mug attack: hate messages for Miss Franken Classic

Berg (id Opf.) – She is the victim – and suddenly gets a lot of hate messages.

On May 1st, an apparently drunk threw a mug in the face of Vanessa Hampl (24, “Miss Franken Classic 2020”) at a folk festival in Kadenzhofen (Upper Palatinate). Hampl was injured in the hospital (BILD reported).

The model, known from the 15th season of Germanys Next Topmodel, made the incident public. “I wanted to put pressure on the perpetrator to get him to turn himself in,” said Hampl.

Sewn with several stitches – this is what the model looked like after the beer mug attack

Photo: private

But then something completely unexpected happened: in addition to a wave of solidarity and many wishes for recovery, Hampl received hate messages. “If the face is your asset…” and similar messages landed in her inbox. “People have accused me of using the incident as a stepping stone,” Hampl told BILD.

“Apparently, the anger and hatred of some people is so great that untruths are being spread, the incident is being made fun of and I am being visited and harassed in my home,” writes the young woman in her last post on Instagram.

To protect herself and her family, Hampl then withdrew from the public. However, she still achieved her goal of finding the culprit. A police spokesman for BILD: “A 29-year-old reported to the police through his lawyer.”

Something else is important to Vanessa: “I would like to thank all the people who supported me and encouraged me during this time.”


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