After the corona party in the Hafenpark: crisis summit in Frankfurt

Frankfurt – Hundreds of young people celebrate wildly without masks, with alcohol, in groups! Don’t let the police tell you anything. Big effort! The Corona Gau in the Hafenpark.

There is now another threat of riots like on Opernplatz in summer 2020 ( BILD reported)? That is why – as BILD learned exclusively – there will be a crisis summit in Frankfurt’s town hall “Römer” on Tuesday.

Frankfurt’s security department head Markus Frank (51, CDU) to BILD: “Now the warmer time is coming, we want to meet with the health department, police and public order office on Tuesday for a corona hotspot conference. The aim is to collect all opportunities to make it clear to the population that we need their help. How do we create acceptance and make it clear that it is important to adhere to the measures. “

Security Officer Markus Frank (51, CDU)

Photo: dpa

As BILD learned, there is also a threat of further measures.

Frank: “The state police and city police are approaching the people, but they have become sloppy.” Then the situation escalated. And forces were drawn together. Frank: “Unfortunately, the young people did not follow the instructions of the city and state police to change their behavior. Mask violations, alcohol, group formation. “

Frank thanks the city and state police for the consistent crackdown.


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