After the attack on Model: Leopard Troy and Paris are not allowed to visit

Cheeks – Is there now a “Lex Leopard” coming – a law that forbids the private keeping of dangerous wild animals in Saxony-Anhalt? While politicians are discussing how to react to the bloody attack in Wangen (Burgenlandkreis), what triggered the debate is not the cause of the debate.

Leopard tomcat Troja (16), who attacked model Jessica Leidolph (36) during a photo shoot on Tuesday, basked in harmony with his brother Paris (18) yesterday in the courtyard of the “senior citizens’ residence for show animals”. Meanwhile, the police are investigating the boss of the pension.

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Photo model Jessica Leidolph (36) repeatedly takes in animals that need help. She does not blame Leopard “Troy”. “I don’t want him to be put to sleep.”

Photo: Steve Bauerschmidt

“So far, there has not been a reason, from a structural or veterinary perspective, to take action against the type of accommodation,” said the district office. The facility, which is surrounded by massive bars, was checked twice in August. The day after the bloody attack, official veterinarian Dr. Andrea Krüger-Roethe inspecting the big cats. The Burgenland district announced that there were “no abnormalities” among the leopards.

Means: Because the attitude of Troy and Paris is assessed as safe for the population and as species-appropriate, everything in Wangen remains as it is.

However, the district issues “a security law order against the animal owner”, which forbids her to let “unauthorized third parties” into the facility. In the opinion of the authorities, “the woman was only injured because she was inside the cage”.

Means: The big cats Troy (16) and Paris (18) should neither be euthanized nor relocated.

Teaser picture

Owner Birgit Stache (48) was present at the attack. It is unclear how the accident could have come about

Photo: Steffen Schellhorn

Regardless of this, resentment grew in the immediate vicinity of the big cats after the incident. A neighbor: “If something like this happens, you lose your trust.” Animal rights activists are also appalled: “We demand that the leopards be immediately given to a specialized rescue center,” says Katharina Lameter (29) from Pro Wildlife to BILD.

SPD interior expert Rüdiger Erben (53) demanded yesterday at BILD LIVE: “We need a dangerous animal ordinance, as it already existed in Saxony-Anhalt until 2005.” Then the private keeping of dangerous wild animals would be excluded – as in most other federal states.

Teaser picture

The enclosure of the leopards

Photo: private


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