After riots: Netherlands vote for curfew

The curfew last month led to the worst rioting in the Netherlands in four decades.

Now the Dutch parliament has passed a controversial law on night curfews. A majority of MPs voted on Thursday for the urgent law passed through parliament, on which the Senate still has to vote on Friday. The government introduced the law after a court in The Hague lifted the already introduced night curfew in the first instance on Tuesday.

The judges had argued that such interference with fundamental rights was not justified without the involvement of Parliament. An appeals court suspended the decision on Tuesday evening, so the curfew remained from 9 p.m. to 4.30 a.m. The judgment on appeal was expected on Friday. The Dutch government wants to wait until a decision has been made in the revision process before implementing the law passed by parliament.

The Dutch government had only extended the curfew, which began on January 23, last week to March 2. In doing so, she referred to the danger posed by new, more contagious variants of the corona virus.

The riots in the Netherlands after the night curfew went into effect lasted three days. The police used water cannons and tear gas against the rioters in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven, among others, and more than 400 people were arrested.


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