After dry winter – towns in Colorado evacuated due to forest fires

Louisville (Colorado) – Forest fire horror in the US state of Colorado!

Two cities in Colorado have been evacuated because of the spreading fire. The residents of Superior and Louisville in the north of the US state were asked to leave the places on Thursday. About 13,000 people live in Superior and about 21,000 in Louisville, which is six kilometers away.

The flames were northwest of Superior. There were several fires in the area, with wind speeds of up to 169 kilometers per hour, as the national weather service announced.

In the city of Boulder, drivers had a very limited field of vision due to thick smokePhoto: HENRY MEADOWS / Henry Meadows via REUTERS

In the area around the city of Denver, where the majority of the population of Colorado lives, an extremely dry and mild autumn, but also a predominantly dry winter so far, led to a high risk of forest fires.

However, snow was expected in the region on Friday.

When the couple Leah Angstman and her husband returned from a trip to the town of Boulder by bus, they saw a sky colored orange. “The wind shook the bus so hard that I thought the bus would tip over,” she wrote in a message to the AP news agency.

The clouds of smoke north of Denver from the perspective of an airplane

The clouds of smoke north of Denver from the perspective of an airplanePhoto: Peter Orsi / AP

The threat to people from forest fires is increasing as climate change makes the weather more extreme and the fires more frequent and destructive, say scientists. A historic drought and heat waves made fighting wildfires difficult in the western United States.


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