After closing: “Click & Meet” will be back in Leipzig from April 6th

Leipzig will make use of the incidence-independent opening clause of the Corona Protection Ordinance of the Free State and allow easing from April 6th. The city announced on Thursday. The retail trade can open again from Tuesday via “Click & Meet”, as can museums and galleries as well as body-hugging services.

Sports for children and adolescents should also be possible again from Tuesday in groups of up to 20 people in the outdoor area.

An existing hygiene concept is a prerequisite for opening up shops, museums and body-related services. In addition, according to the Saxon corona ordinance, customers and visitors must submit a documented daily quick test or self-test.

“The Leipzig Zoo will remain closed because if it is opened, there is a fear of excessive suction beyond the city limits and into highly infection areas,” it says.

City of Leipzig criticizes the Free State

The Corona Protection Ordinance of the Free State allows openings on the condition that no more than 1,300 hospital beds in Saxony are occupied with Covid 19 patients.

“According to the ministry, this occupancy is currently 1019 beds. A further utilization is to be expected, but the Saxon Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion has not yet presented an official forecast, ”the city said. “The Corona Protection Ordinance expressly provides for a 14-day forecast for bed occupancy. From the point of view of the City of Leipzig, a medium-term forecast is not only sensible, but essential in order to give all those affected a minimum of planning ability. In the opinion of the City of Leipzig, if the number of beds is exceeded – as in the other points of the ordinance – a transition period of several days applies. “

And further: “In principle, the city of Leipzig had hoped for a clearer and more unambiguous regulation from the Free State. With the present regulation, the “Easter rest”, which the Chancellor had withdrawn, comes through the back door in Saxony. “


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