After “Caution Manhunt” at BILD LIVE: Raid on vaccination card counterfeiters!

Nuremberg – BILD puts a stop to the vaccination card mafia: With the help of the program “Achtung Fahnde” on BILD TV, the authorities have now been able to arrest the first counterfeiter!

At the beginning of February, BILD reported on a man who openly offered the reporters a fake vaccination card at a demonstration in Nuremberg – and unpacked false stamps and labels in front of the camera. The public prosecutor’s office in Nuremberg-Fürth has now succeeded in locating the 59-year-old.

“He received a home visit from us,” said senior public prosecutor Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke on Monday when asked by BILD.

Evidence was found during the raid that the unemployed man actually ran a counterfeiting workshop. “He did not provide any information, but we have secured evidence of this,” said the spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office. “Of course, the presumption of innocence must be observed, but the report on BILD TV is very helpful evidence for us.”

So far they have almost exclusively caught the buyers of false vaccination cards. But in the TV report, the accused said clearly: “I can forge a vaccination card as you need it. With everything included.”

At a demonstration against the Corona measures, a BILD reporter met the vaccine barrel counterfeiterPhoto: Sascha Baumann /

The police had tracked down the man, whose identity BILD had not disclosed to the investigative authorities with reference to the protection of informants, through officers who were familiar with the scene and who regularly accompany the demonstrations against the Corona measures.

After the house search, the forger warned on his Telegram channel: “The police had confiscated everything from me, including my recovered status, to check whether it really existed … today I was able to pick everything up again … regularly delete your chat histories, no matter what you get.” or shipped.”

The suspect forged this vaccination pass for the BILD reporter

The suspect forged this vaccination pass for the BILD reporterPhoto: Sascha Baumann /

His brazen statements in front of the BILD TV cameras could cost the man dearly: Forgery of documents can result in a fine or imprisonment of up to five years! Most recently, the Nuremberg judiciary sentenced users of false documents to fines of up to three months’ salary. In the case of the counterfeiter himself, it could not just stay with the penalty order.

Chief Public Prosecutor Gabriels-Gorsolke: “I can imagine that a counterfeiter would be rated more seriously.” The amount of the penalty also depends on possible previous convictions.


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