After Brummi-Bryan come Andi Latte & the Doof brothers – we want to be on the Ballermann stage

“Malle, we’re back!”

It was THE news for all Malle fans! After two years of trembling about the cult in the ham and beer street: The MEGAPARK opens again. It may not be until April, but preparations for the party season are already underway behind the scenes of the Ballermann scene!

BILD presents seven singers who absolutely want to be on the big Malle stages at Megapark, Bierkönig or the new StürmerArena this year. Not to be forgotten: Brummi-Bryan (38), who is starting with Ikke Hipgold (45) as a teacher.

Andy Latte

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Andi Latte (46, real name Timo Szopieray) is a trained real estate agent. With the song “The beer wins” he has many fans among amateur footballers. Now the breakthrough with “Saufmodus” in Bierkönig should follow.

It should be a song for “everyone”: “This song should create enthusiasm, a spirit of optimism in the sports cabin, in the pubs on Playa and throughout the country.” Which country? “All countries!”

jack jelly

He is the secret favorite for the Ballermann hit 2022: Jack Gelee (42, Robert Laube) from Hamburg.
Photo: PR

He is the secret favorite for the Ballermann hit 2022: Jack Gelee (42, Robert Laube) from Hamburg.

“We say thank you. (40 years Mallorca)” is a hymn to the Ballermann anniversary in summer. Jelly prefers the “Megapark”. How did he get his stage name? Simple response from event manager: “There’s no hotter name than Jack Gelee!”

Brothers Doof

They want to bring their
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They want to bring their “La La La Song” to the big stages in Bierstrasse and Schinkenstrasse: Horst & Horst are the “Gebrüder Doof”.

The guys from Bremen got to know each other over beer and wine in the “Bierkönig”, hence the creative band name. Both are ardent supporters of the “Suff Geschwader”, ie real Malle Ultras. They would be happy about an appearance in the “Stürmer Arena”, but it is not a must.


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His mentor is Tim Toupet (50) and “Monchi” always has beautiful hair anyway. With his song “What’s your name?” the marketing manager sang his way into the hearts of Ballermann fans. He’s a brand too!

A Malle insider: “The Monchi is still going through the roof on Malle. Where the boy is, there’s a party!” The 30-year-old has lived in Mallorca since 2015. This year, the heartthrob wants to be on the Bierkönig stage. He should succeed with the new hit “I’m looking forward to it”.

district league heroes

1. With our new rock ballads
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The “district league heroes” want to rock the Ballermann stages with “half human, half beer” or “the whole zoo drinks”, preferably the beer king. But before that, Mario (44, e-commerce manager) and Sven (31, marketing employee) would like to fulfill a dream: “We finally want to win the jackpot on the Ryanair scratch cards during a flight to the island.”

It’s probably just a dream come true for long-time fans of Hamburg amateur football. Her motivation to perform at Ballermann: “We need a cover to come to the island as often as possible a year without getting critical questions from friends or family.”


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