After “Aktenzeichen XY”: New references to the double murder of the Lange couple

Rödermark – New clues in the case of the murdered couple Long 21 years ago! After the “Cold Case” was broadcast on the ZDF program “Aktenzeichen XY” on Wednesday evening, there is hope.

“A surprising amount came in,” says the lead investigator Stefan Racic (54) to BILD. Accordingly, 50 to 60 new reports have been received since yesterday – including some “with a salary”, according to the chief detective.

Nevertheless: “There is no hot lead. There are no indications that we can use to arrest a suspect tomorrow, ”said Racic.

In detail, there would have been information about the stolen wristwatch (Chopard / 5000 DM / case number 4033) from Zohre Lange († 55) and a possible motif. Hints on old cases (dating back to the 1990s) that could have parallels to the murder in Rödermark have also been received from colleagues.

The cleaning lady found the bloodied couple the next day

Photo: Juergen Mahnke

“I think that we will form a working group to process all the information. The investigations are only really starting again, ”says the chief investigator optimistically.

The Lange case

On March 25, 1999, the Lange couple were attacked and murdered in their single-family home on Potsdamer Strasse. According to investigations, the unknown perpetrator first killed husband Claus in the basement. When his wife Zohre came home about two hours later, the killer killed her too. Both died from “blunt and sharp violence” against the head and upper body. The gynecologist was also injured in the genital area.

Mysterious: The murderer took a number of objects from the Lange’s house – probably as a kind of “trophy”: Among them: a wristwatch, the victims’ glasses, a handbag and a gold chain. Therefore one does not assume a robbery.

Teaser picture

The items have not appeared to this day

Photo: police

In the past there were suspects, “but these suspicions have not been substantiated,” says the official. Due to advances in technology, a DNA trace was found on one of the victims in 2011, which apparently came from the perpetrator – this trace, however, could not yet be assigned to anyone.

Another case from RLP for “file number XY”

A murder case from the Eifel 40 years ago was shown in the “Aktenzeichen XY” special program “Cold Cases”. Here, too, things got moving: “We received over 30 reports directly, plus there were calls directly in the television studio,” said a police spokesman in Trier.

Much of this was already known to the investigators, the other clues still have to be evaluated and checked.

Teaser picture

Recreational scene from the ZDF program “Aktenzeichen XY”: The police found the young man’s body in a lava pit

Photo: ZDF / Saskia Pavek

The cremated body of 19-year-old Gerolsteiner Ulrich Oehms was found on February 19, 1982 in a lava pit near Pelm (Vulkaneifel district).

Police believe the man was killed elsewhere, his body was transported to the pit and then set on fire.

Teaser picture

Motive for murder unclear: Why did young Gerolsteiner have to die 40 years ago?

Photo: ZDF / Saskia Pavek

The police continue to put their hopes in the publication of a phantom image: It shows a 20-year-old man who was previously seen with Ulrich Oehms in Gerolstein. The role of this unknown person is unclear, could be an important witness.

A reward of 5000 euros is offered for information that leads to the investigation of the crime and the identification of the perpetrator.

Teaser picture

A scene from the XY film: Ulrich Oehms was killed in 1982

Photo: ZDF / Saskia Pavek


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