After a police visit: the family jumps to their deaths in Montreux

Montreux (Switzerland) – Deadly drama in the center of the Swiss city of Montreux! Five family members have thrown themselves from the balcony of a residential building.

According to the police, a couple died, their daughter and the wife’s sister. The 15-year-old son of the family was taken to a hospital. It was said that his condition was serious.

Before the jump, two police officers came to the apartment in the morning to execute a summons against the father, reported the police authority of the French-speaking canton of Vaud. The measure was related to the home schooling of one of the children.

At the crime scene, investigators took pictures of the area and secured evidence Photo: DENIS BALIBOUSE/REUTERS

First, a person in the apartment asked who was there. After the officials could not hear any more noise, they were withdrawn.

In the meantime, a witness had reported around 7 a.m. that five people had thrown themselves from the house. The building in the city center is almost directly on Lake Geneva, opposite the famous Montreux Casino.

Did people jump voluntarily from the seventh floor of the skyscraper?  Now the investigators have to clarify that

Did people jump voluntarily from the seventh floor of the skyscraper? The investigators have to clarify that nowPhoto: DENIS BALIBOUSE/REUTERS

According to the police, the father of the French family was 40 years old, his wife and her twin sister were a year older. The daughter was said to be eight years old.

Neighbors told the newspaper “Le Temps” that the family had lived inconspicuously in the house for around three years.

Swiss prosecutors have commissioned the police to investigate. There are currently no signs that another person was in the apartment at the time of the crime, it said.

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