After 63 years of marriage: Corona killed this love – within an hour

Olga and Vincenzo Molino met when they were 18, married in 1957, and have always been inseparable. Until Corona came – and killed both of them within an hour.

“They never went out, they were very careful,” one of their six grandchildren reported to the Italian newspaper “Eco di Bergamo”. Only 83-year-old Vincenzo dared to go outside to go shopping and to the pharmacy.

He must have caught the virus. First he got sick, then his wife a year younger than him. According to granddaughter Katia, both suffered from a high fever and fought worsening symptoms for ten days.

They stayed at home in a suburb of Milan until November 11th, and according to the report they were only prescribed antibiotics by the doctor. Then the shortness of breath became too great.

An ambulance brought the couple to the hospital in Monza. There they were separated, each one in a different room.

A Covid patient is brought to the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza – Olga and Vincenzo Molino were also admitted there Photo: Action Press

“Leave me his jacket,” Olga is said to have pleaded with the nurses, “so that I can feel his closeness.”

Four days later, last Sunday afternoon, she died. Whether her husband Vincenzo sensed it or could no longer perceive it – an hour later he too died.

Her granddaughter Katia said that they were both in love until the very end, like on the first day.

► Olga and Vincenzo Molino are two of the 47,217 corona deaths in Italy. The Ministry of Health reported 753 more fatalities on Wednesday alone. The number of new infections has also recently increased again. A total of 1.27 million infections have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic.


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