Africa: Kenyan man confesses to 13 child murders

This horrific confession shocks a whole nation: Masten Milimu Wanjala (20) has admitted to having killed 13 children. That reports “Nation Africa”. Other sources speak of ten to twelve murders that the man from Kenya is said to have confessed to.

All media unanimously report that the 20-year-old was initially only associated with the death of two boys. The Kenyan led the officers to the bodies of the two children he had hidden in the thicket.

The child murders are the dominant topic in Kenyan newspapersPhoto: SIMON MAINA / AFP

Masten Milimu Wanjala was arrested for kidnapping a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old and demanding a ransom from their parents. These had notified the police who were shadowing the suspect.

After the seizure, he frankly explained to the investigators that he had killed the two children. Finally he led the officers to the bodies. He later admitted other murders.

The parents of the two victims spoke to various African media outlets. The killer’s scam: He kidnapped the children and sent cell phone messages to the relatives with demands for ransom. The child murderer wanted 30,000 Kenya shillings (equivalent to around 235 euros).

“I then transferred 2000 Kenyan shillings to him because he said he had no dinner for the evening. He also assured me that he would not kill my son – unless I call in the police, ”said Tony Opindo, the father of one of the victims.

It is not known whether the children were still alive when the ransom was requested. One thing is clear: the 12- and 13-year-olds were murdered extremely brutally, the corpses were covered in blood.

At least three children are currently reported missing every day in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. In many cases, strangers demand money to return the abductee. Therefore, the police are now investigating whether Masten Milimu Wanjala is a member of a gang.

“We expect to pin down his accomplices soon. He testifies and we come to more details, ”said a police spokesman.


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