Afghanistan veterans report from Ukraine: The Russians don’t pick up their dead

Afghanistan veterans report from Ukraine

Even the Taliban picked up their dead – the Russians don’t

Photo: Sebastian Prengel/BILD

Teddy (31), James (31) and Fraser (25) stand in the trenches with their assault rifles on. Somewhere on the battlefields near Kyiv, less than 400 meters from the Russian positions, ready for battle.

The men are ex-elite soldiers from the US and England, all of whom were stationed in Afghanistan. The three fighters receive no wages for their commitment at the front. The fact that they could pay for him with their lives does not deter them.

“We don’t know in the morning what the day will bring,” they say to BILD. “But we are here to defend democracy.”

They tell of Russian soldiers who are lying dead on the streets – and no one is picking them up. They don’t even know anything like that from their time in Afghanistan.

Read more with BILDplus about the men’s harrowing stories.

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