Afghanistan: Boy (5) fell into a well

chocolate – It’s a race against time! Haidar (5) fell into a dry well on Tuesday in the remote village of Schokak in southern Afghanistan’s Zabul province. Since then the boy has been stuck in the narrow shaft and has been crying. Four rescue attempts have already failed.

Authorities are doing their best and using all available means to rescue Haidar, they said on Thursday. Rescue workers try to dig access to the boy with bulldozers and excavators. However, there have recently been problems with the machines. A new device from the neighboring province of Kandahar is on its way to Schokak. The villagers also helped with various devices, so far without success.

Rescue workers use excavators and bulldozers to dig a path to the boy who is stuck in the shaftPhoto: JAVED TANVEER/AFP

According to the authorities, Haidar fell to the bottom of the shaft – 25 meters deep – and could already be pulled up a bit. But then he got stuck at a depth of around ten meters. Problematic: The fountain is generally very narrow and has a slight kink. In addition, a larger stone blocks access.

Compared to Wednesday, the 5-year-old is weaker, but rescue workers can still hear his voice. The child is supplied with food and water via a bucket to which a rope has been attached. Ambulances are on site.

Haidar’s grandfather, Hajji Abdul Hadi, told AFP the boy fell into the well while trying to help the adults dig a new borehole as the village is affected by drought.

Officials had given the boy’s age as nine years old, but relatives later corrected this to five.

Videos circulating online show little Haidar sitting in the well shaft with his shoulders pressed against the wall. In one of the videos you can hear the father encouraging the child. “Are you okay, my son? Talk to me and don’t cry, we’re working to get you out!” In one of the recordings, Haidar can be heard crying.

Representatives of the Taliban government monitored the rescue operation in the village, around 120 kilometers northeast of Kandahar. Hundreds of onlookers gathered at the scene of the accident.

Some villagers helped with the rescue work, while others just watched

Some people helped with the rescue work, others just watched Photo: JAVED TANVEER/AFP

At the beginning of February, five-year-old Rayan fell into a well in Morocco. He was found dead five days later.


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