Afghan journalist accuses: “Women’s rights are a foreign word for the Taliban!”

Afghanistan’s misery never ends – on the contrary: it is just beginning. Especially for all those women who believed in freedom, democracy and their rights!

One of them is Rabia S. (25), she went to school during our Afghanistan mission, studied journalism and has worked in Kabul for the last seven years. But all of that no longer exists for them. What used to be a matter of course for them no longer exists. Because since the Taliban took over power in Kabul, she no longer dares to leave the house.

“Our twenty years of accomplishments were ruined overnight. My role in society was almost wiped out. I am one of the many women born in war. The war that is still going on. Now we no longer have a right to life if we don’t live as the Taliban tell us to, ”Rabia told BILD.

Today women in Afghanistan can only leave their homes veiledPhoto: STRINGER / REUTERS

But for these Afghan women we WERE a glimmer of hope that is being destroyed before our eyes by the Stone Age Islamists today.

Because precisely these women, whom we trained and to whom we showed that they have rights and that they can live differently, are being stoned, beaten and murdered by the Taliban today.

“Going to work as a woman is a sin punished by death by the Taliban terrorists. Taliban stone women to death in Afghanistan. Afghan women are beaten up by the Taliban. The word women’s rights is a foreign word for terrorists. If it were up to them, we women should become slaves again, ”says the 25-year-old.

The 25-year-old has worked as a journalist for the past seven years

25-year-old Rabia has worked as a journalist for the past seven yearsPhoto: private

The Taliban have started searching journalists’ homes.

“I am currently hiding in Kabul with my family. Taliban have already killed my husband’s cousin. They’ll kill me too just because I’m a woman who’s been a journalist for the past seven years. ”

For Rabia there is no way out – except to flee: “It is very painful to leave the country. I have to leave Afghanistan to stay alive. I just want peace and security, I have to smuggle myself out of Afghanistan, I can’t live in Afghanistan. “

Her wish: “Germany is a good country. His people are very friendly and loving. As a woman, I have rights there. I want this beautiful country to save my life. ”

A wish that cannot easily be fulfilled.


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