Advent tragedy i: Sixth child dead after a bouncy castle accident

Tasmania (Australia) – An entire country is deeply shaken …

After the bouncy castle accident at Christmas at a primary school in Devonport, Tasmania, a sixth child died as a result of his injuries.

Tasmania’s police chief Darren Hine announced on Sunday. Last Thursday a gust of wind hit the inflatable play equipment and whirled it around 10 meters up. Girls and boys fell from the castle to the ground. According to the police, two seriously injured children are still in critical condition.

After the terrible Hüftburg accident on Thursday, rescuers are fighting for the lives of the injured childrenPhoto: Grant Wells / dpa

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that 800,000 Australian dollars (around 507,000 euros) would be made available to fund psychological help for those affected. Of this, about $ 250,000 should be available for first aiders and $ 550,000 for the general public, as the Australian news agency AAP reported. In addition, more than $ 1 million in donations were received to support those who grieved.

Tasmania's Police Commissioner Darren Hine confirmed the accidental death of another child

Tasmania’s Police Commissioner Darren Hine confirmed the accidental death of another childPhoto: Ethan James / dpa

The authorities want to clarify how the Advent tragedy at Hillcrest Primary School came about. Hine: “Given the scale of this incident and the need to speak to a large number of traumatized children within a short period of time, we accepted an offer from the New South Wales Police (state in Australia) to help with the interviews.”


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