Ads will be visible between the reels of Instagram, the timing will be of so many seconds

Users will now see ads during the short video feature reels of Instagram, owned by tech giant Facebook. After testing the ads for Instagram reels in India, Australia, Brazil and Germany in April, the company has officially launched the ad feature on the reel for everyone around the world.

That’s why the feature came
Instagram has announced this in one of its official blog posts. The company said that these ads will help the business to reach more and more people, so that people will be able to find and watch new content inspired by brands and influencers.

Ads will appear on the full screen
Ads for Instagram reel will appear in full screen and tall size. These ads will be seen between different reels. Like regular reels, these ads will loop and run for 30 seconds. Users will be able to like, comment, save and share on the advertisement of In Reel.

There will be access between such users
Reel Aids will appear in the most popular locations for access to reel content, including the Reel tab, Reels in Stories, Reels in Explore and Reels in Feed. When a user taps on a reel from the Stories, Feed, Reel tab or Explore, they will reach a user who scrolls through the reels for a long time.

can control
Instagram will also let users control how to manage these ads. That is, if you see an ad and don’t like it, Instagram will give you the option to skip or hide the ad, besides tapping on the menu to report it.

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