Administrative court: “Querdenker” demonstration in Dresden remains prohibited

The “lateral thinking” rally against the corona policy planned for Saturday in Dresden remains prohibited. That was decided by the Dresden Administrative Court on Friday. In this case, the organizer had already announced in advance that it would go to the Bautzen Higher Administrative Court.

“The reason given was the high number of participants to be expected and the threat to public safety in Dresden against the background of the current pandemic situation,” the court explained.

Also because the initiative had not complied with the requirements at previous demonstrations. In order to prevent a “superspreader event” with serious consequences for many people, including those who were not involved, the pronounced ban on assembly was the only option, it said.

The city of Dresden had banned a “lateral thinking” rally registered for 4,000 people on Tuesday because of endangering security, and on Thursday also banned further demonstrations of this scene.

The organizer of the large-scale demonstration filed an urgent application at the Dresden Administrative Court on Friday to make the ban ineffective – unsuccessful.


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