Administrative court decides: Monheim ice rink remains closed!

Monheim (North Rhine-Westphalia) – The Monheim ice rink must remain closed. The administrative court in Düsseldorf rejected urgent requests from the city of Monheim and its mayor Daniel Zimmermann on Thursday.

The closure of the ice rink in front of the town hall ordered by the NRW state government could not be temporarily suspended. If the city were allowed to continue operating the ice rink until January 3, 2021, there would be the risk that the coronavirus could spread uncontrollably among ice skaters and onlookers such as parents and grandparents, the reason was said.

Also in view of the lockdown, which has been in effect since Wednesday, with business closings and limited leisure opportunities, the ice rink could, in the opinion of the court, attract larger crowds. “This would run counter to the purpose of the lockdown, which is to keep contacts to the absolute minimum.”

Appeals against the resolutions can be lodged with the Higher Administrative Court.

After a dispute with the state of North Rhine-Westphalia a week ago, Monheim initially gave in and closed the railway until further notice. The Ministry of Health had requested the closure because the railway violated the Corona Protection Ordinance. The city had rated it differently and initially opened the ice rink for school classes and individual families.


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