Adidas Ads Sexist? 128 breasts for three strips

You can now see them on billboards and on social media: the breasts of 64 women!

Some are larger, others smaller. They are shaped differently, more saggy or firmer – just normal breasts. But they have now sparked heated controversy. Sporting goods manufacturer Adidas advertises with these candid photos and headlines: “The reasons why we didn’t just make a new sports bra.”

128 boobs for three stripes!

“With the global campaign, we want to convey how versatile female breasts are and that their tailored support and comfort are crucial during sport,” says Adidas spokesman Oliver Brüggen. “That’s why we’ve developed 43 new sports bra models in 72 sizes.”

Is this advertising modern? Or more sexist?

“We expressly distance ourselves from positioning the photo in a sexual context or as pornographic material,” says Brüggen.

Award-winning London photographer Sophie Ebrard photographed the women. You won’t be able to see their faces. Brüggen: “We have guaranteed anonymity to everyone involved.”

On Instagram, according to the rules, the nipples are made unrecognizable, on Twitter there is the original. Reactions on social media are mostly positive. But not only!

The reactions ranged from “Finally my daughters can now find a sports bra that fits” to “truly not particularly revolutionary” to “just a brand that wants attention”. And CNN correspondent Kate Bennett asks, “Do we do this for men’s underwear?”

According to Brüggen, the campaign will also be shown in Germany. BILD am SONNTAG asked five women what they think of the bra advertisement.

“Would they have done that with men’s underwear too?”

Daniela (43)Photo: Nadja Wohlleben

“Why do the breasts have to be shown? No need. You could also have shown the chest in the sports bra. But I don’t find it sexist. There was something similar about an artist with vaginas. It speaks to you, everyone looks. I also wear Adidas, so mostly shoes. The question is: would they have done the same thing with men’s underwear?”

“Hard to find a sports bra that fits”

Lee (18, left) and Leyla (18, right)

Lee (18, left) and Leyla (18, right)Photo: Nadja Wohlleben

Lee (18,): “Here diversity and normality are shown. I would try the sports bras because it’s hard to find one that fits!”

Leyla (18): “I think the ad is cool. The subject is covered with so many complexes. Good to break that up. I feel safe and not excluded from this campaign.”

“These pictures are liberating”

Magdalene (49)

Magdalene (49)Photo: Nadja Wohlleben

Magdalena (49): “Otherwise, breasts are always shown as a sex symbol. But now they can be seen as they are. Not as ideal, not perfect, not like on Instagram and edited with Photoshop. That’s liberating. I would buy myself a bra like that now.”

“This is what boobs really look like”

Mariam (27)

Mariam (27)Photo: Nadja Wohlleben

Mariam (27): “I think it’s great that the breasts are shown so naturally and don’t correspond to the ideal of beauty here. That’s what it looks like in reality. Any breast size is beautiful!”


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