Actress Nathalie Delon died at the age of 79

She had notably played in the Samurai by Jean-Pierre Melville with her then-husband Alain Delon. Actress Nathalie Delon died Thursday, January 21 in Paris, at the age of 79, said her son, Anthony Delon. “My mother passed away this morning at 11:00 am in Paris, surrounded by her relatives. She died of cancer fast ”, did he declare.

In the eyes of the general public, she remains Jane, the partner of Alain Delon in the Samurai (1967), from the novel The Ronin, by Goan McLeod. She shot a total of around thirty films in supporting roles until the early 1980s, including Army of Shadows (1969), also by Jean-Pierre Melville, Doctor Justice (1975), by Christian-Jaque, and A faithful woman (1976), by Roger Vadim. Nathalie Delon will then go behind the camera by realizing They call it an accident (1982) and Sweet Lies (1986), with Treat Williams. She will publish her memories in 2006.

Marriage to Alain Delon in 1964

Of Spanish origin, she was born Francine Canovas on the 1er August 1941 in Oujda, Morocco, then under French protectorate. She landed in Paris in 1962 after having left her first husband, Guy Barthélémy, a former member of the contingent, with whom she had a daughter.

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At 21, the young woman with green eyes falls by chance, in a nightclub in the capital, on Alain Delon, in full rise and engaged to Romy Schneider. A clandestine passion ensues before Delon leaves Romy Schneider to marry the young woman in August 1964 in the strictest privacy. The couple immediately boarded the ship France for a honeymoon and settled in Los Angeles, where she gave birth to their son Anthony a month later.

Actress Nathalie Delon died at the age of 79

Romy Schneider’s ghost hovers over their love story: “Alain never spoke to me about her but I saw, from time to time, a shadow of sadness pass in her eyes”, she blurted out much later. Very quickly, the atmosphere becomes stormy in their villa in the heights of Hollywood and Nathalie Delon resents the infidelities of her husband. “I was very naive. He was unfaithful and I wasn’t ”, she confided in 2001 on the set of Thierry Ardisson.

Divorce pronounced in 1969

On the plateau of Samurai, the atmosphere is appalling between them. In May 1968, when Alain Delon, set up a Professional Union of Actors to try to compete with the CGT, the cup was full for her. “I started to get tired of it, I didn’t agree with his ideas”. Divorce was pronounced in February 1969. “When I left him, I left everything behind me, I left with my son and my housekeeper, that’s all”, she tells in 2018 to Paris Match. While Alain Delon is rebuilding his life with Mireille Darc.

The couple will remain linked, however, and their son Anthony will post a photo of his parents side by side on Instagram on January 11.


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