Activities to learn and play at home for children

Children with parents play puzzles, draw pictures, help cook … to help develop the brain, connect with family, be safe in the home in the context of Covid-19.

Children need exercise and play to develop physically and mentally. However, children exposed to the outside environment can increase the risk of immunity from viruses, bacteria, pollution … In the context of Covid-19, to protect children from the risk of infection from plus. At the same time, mothers should limit bringing children to crowded places or interacting with strangers.

At home, where you can only make friends with the TV screen or play games on your phone, parents can design children’s games into brain activities or take advantage of familiar spaces such as the kitchen, garden for babies. discover new things with the family.

Some of the following activities of learning and playing at home are suggested below for parents to spend a more enjoyable, productive and safe time with their children at home.

Brain development game

Lego is a puzzle game selected by many mothers with young children with many levels suitable for different ages. Sitting and assembling lego pieces can help children practice patience, arousing creativity when completing finished products by themselves. Parents can sit and play with their children to support and provoke children to brainstorm and encourage their children to be more creative, turning play time into a playful moment with their children, connecting with family.

Brain development games that benefit children such as puzzles, lego, picture puzzles … Shutterstock.

Experience as a chef

The kitchen with a variety of appliances and materials with a variety of colors is the “world” for children to discover new things. Depending on the child’s age, mothers can let their children participate in different stages of a real chef such as choosing food, processing food. Babies can both help their mothers while learning and especially no longer feeling bored at home all day.

Selecting, holding and touching different foods by hand is also an enjoyable experience for babies. When they are exploring different foods, understanding how the food is processed, children will feel more interested in meals, thereby improving their anorexia.

Many mothers are afraid that their children will have some minor accidents during the cooking process, so they limit their children to the kitchen. However, mothers can let babies participate in preparing meals with simple tasks such as cleaning potatoes, carrots … Parents can choose children’s kitchen utensils with safe materials. , not afraid the baby will cut his hand.

When the child is finished, the parent shows how to wash the items that the baby has just used and put them back in their own place in the cupboard. This also helps children build independence and the habit of helping parents from an early age.

Appropriate kitchen activities arouse interest in children.  Photo: Shutterstok.

Appropriate kitchen activities arouse interest in children. Image: Shutterstock.

Games with family

Children will be very excited to join in the fun with parents. In order to build a closer relationship among family members, mothers can organize entertaining activities for their children such as family drawing, reading, and karaoke together to create courage and self. believe more.

One of the fun activities parents can learn is family yoga with movements suitable for the whole family from babies to the elderly. Babies can develop physical strength but also increase their imagination through yoga.

In addition to playing activities, mothers should also build a strong foundation of resistance – good digestion, because this is a “shield” to protect children against harmful viruses and bacteria from the outside environment. In addition to a balanced diet with all 4 essential nutrients, one of the suggestions for mothers is the new NutiFood GrowPLUS + product line with the exclusive FDI formula from the Swedish NutiFood Nutrition Research Institute to support your baby in building. foundation “Strong resistance – Good digestion”, suitable for the specific condition of Vietnamese children.

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Ngoc An

Learning and play activities at home for children - 4

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