According to the statement in the Bushido process: rampage in front of rapper Samra’s hairdressing salon

Berlin – Because up to 50 masked and armed men rioted in front of the hairdressing salon of the well-known Berlin rapper Samra (27) and shots are said to have been fired, the police went on a large-scale operation on Friday evening.

Residents had dialed the emergency call around 8 p.m. because the large, threatening group had ganged up in front of the “Hairsalon Cutaleya by Samra” on Osdorfer Strasse.

Witnesses report shots and guns

Some of the men were armed with firearms and baseball bats, and shots are said to have been fired, witnesses later told the police. A man smashed a shop window with an iron bar.

Two men (23) from the shop were sprayed with tear gas. Most of the aggressors fled in vehicles before the police arrived. Drugs were seized during investigations into two suspects. Officers also found live ammunition.

The rapper, who testified in court this week in the trial of Arafat Abou-Chaker (45), was not in the store when the incident happened. Investigations into the background to the crime are ongoing.


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