According to Magdeburg-Klatsche: Saarbrücken accounts for itself

The 0: 3 of 1. FC Saarbrücken against Magdeburg and the associated (almost) certain end in the fight for fourth place in the cup has left its mark.

Saarbrücken accounts for itself!

Captain Manuel Zeitz (30) said nothing nice after the deserved defeat, criticized almost everything about the appearance of the newcomer.

Much reason to ponder: FCS coach Lukas Kwasniok had a bad feeling from the startPhoto: picture alliance / Eibner-Presse

Zeitz: “That was just bad of us. One had the feeling that we were avoiding the duels. “

After a decent first ten minutes, Magdeburg increasingly took the initiative, pushing the FCS deep into the back.

Zeitz complained: “We didn’t manage to counter it. We get goals that we almost shoot ourselves. “

What the Saarlander says: At 0: 1, he and keeper Daniel Batz hindered each other, Brünker accepted the gift with thanks.

Zeitz: “It fits this game that you get another egg goal. A used day. “

Only in theory is fourth place with a deficit of nine points and only three games left.

Saarbrücken's substitute Rasim Bulic was completely served after the final whistle

Saarbrücken’s substitute Rasim Bulic was completely served after the final whistlePhoto: Andreas Schlichter

Zeitz makes it clear: “We are happy that after all these years in the 4th division we can now play in the 3rd division. We want to enjoy every game and have never made anything dependent on the table position. That fourth place is now unrealistic – well, we’re not stupid either. “

In the locker room, coach Lukas Kwasniok (39) was very loud at half-time – but the cabin sermon didn’t work this time …

Kwasniok frustrated: “After five minutes I noticed that it was going to be difficult today. Our problem was that we had two big wins. And in doing so, we forgot that the work was going to start again from scratch. It feels like we couldn’t get out of this treadmill for 70 of 90 minutes. “


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