Accident with laboratory monkeys in the USA: Truck crashes into pickup truck with 100 macaques

American police officers and firefighters are currently using guns, helicopters and thermal cameras to search for an escaped laboratory monkey.

Danville, Pennsylvania — A truck loaded with 100 lab monkeys crashed into a pickup truck on the freeway near Danville on Friday. The animals were thrown onto the street in their crates. Four long-tailed macaques escaped in the accident, three of which have since been recaptured. It is unclear how many of their peers were injured.

The police are asking local residents not to search for or even catch the escaped primate themselves. Investigators shared a picture of one of the escaped animals in a tree on Saturday.

One of the escaped macaques was photographed sitting in a treePhoto: State Police

More than a dozen monkeys were thrown onto the street in their crates in the accident

More than a dozen monkeys were thrown onto the street in their crates in the accidentPhoto: Jimmy May/AP

According to eyewitness Michelle Fallon, the driver of the pickup truck appeared disoriented after the accident. His passenger may have injured his legs, she told the Press Enterprise newspaper.

It is unclear how the truck driver is doing and which laboratory he should take the animals to. According to Fallon, the driver took an exit ramp but then tried to get back on the freeway. During the maneuver, the truck drove over several lanes and then crashed into the passenger side of the pickup.


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