Accident van driver drove with 3.59 per thousand on the A4

Weimar – This 29 year old van driver was endangering himself and the lives of others! On Tuesday, the motorway police tried to stop a vehicle lurching across all lanes on the A 4 at the Nohra junction in the direction of Dresden.

“A patrol car crew finally managed to stop the transporter at the Bucha junction,” said a police spokesman. It had fresh traces of the accident on the side of the vehicle.

An alk test carried out a short time later gave the Romanian a value of 3.59 per thousand!

The completely drunk man was brought to the office, where he was first examined by the emergency doctor who was called. But that wasn’t necessary. He just had to sleep off his intoxication. The 29-year-old stayed in the office until the police measures were completed.

A blood sample was taken from the accused as evidence for the investigation into suspected drunkenness in traffic.

Early on Tuesday evening, the man was able to leave the office after leaving a security deposit of EUR 300 and was picked up by a friend at the nearby service area.


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