Accident: Ukrainian car thief stopped in quarry

Nossen (Saxony) – A Ukrainian car thief (24) gave the police a chase through half of central Saxony in the morning – but the final stop was in a quarry near Großschirma.

The officers noticed the SUV on Thursday around 9:25 a.m. on the Autobahn near the Chemnitz-Ost junction.

The police officers initially followed the BMW and wanted to stop and check it at the Berbersdorf junction. “But instead of following the instructions, the SUV swerved to the left and accelerated. The police took up the pursuit,” said a police spokesman on Friday.

In Siebenlehn, the 24-year-old Ukrainian raced off the autobahn and at up to 180 km/h on the B 101 in the direction of Freiberg. In Obergruna and Großvoigtsberg, the fleeing BMW driver risked overtaking two semitrailer trucks in corner areas that were not visible.

Then the BMW X5 drove on a quarry site in Großschirma. There the journey ended in a dead end and the driver was arrested.

As it turned out, the black SUV worth around 50,000 euros had been stolen in Limeshain (Hesse). It was secured for forensic investigation.

The 24-year-old was brought before a judge at the Chemnitz district court on Friday at the request of the responsible public prosecutor. An arrest warrant was issued and the Ukrainian was taken to a correctional facility.


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