Accident: Transporter rams heavy-duty companion from the A2

Magdeburg – Dramatic accident on the A2 near Magdeburg. There, in the night, a transporter rammed the support vehicle of a heavy-duty transport off the motorway. Five people were injured.

Friday, shortly before 1 a.m.: The driver (24) of one of the support vehicles rolls westwards behind the transport loaded with a heavy component. As prescribed, he switched on the yellow all-round light on the BF3 (the type designation of the vehicle) and unfolded a large warning panel. And yet it is apparently overlooked.

All five occupants of both vehicles were injuredPhoto: Magdeburg Police Department

At the level of the Hohenwarsleben location, the heavy haulage torments its way up a small incline at approx. “For reasons that have not yet been clarified, a 36-year-old Lithuanian driver of a van for passenger transport overlooked the convoy driving in the middle and right-hand lane. As a result, there was a collision between the van and the support vehicle, ”said the police.

Both vehicles skidded off the autobahn, stopped or lay on a meadow next to it. The four inmates in the van and the driver of the escort vehicle came to the clinic injured. Meanwhile, the fire brigade put out a small fire on the van.

By the way, 20 minutes after the crash, the trucker from the heavy haulage truck reported to the police. He hadn’t noticed anything about the accident and only noticed after 20 kilometers that his escort vehicle was no longer driving behind him. He got organized replacements.


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