Accident statistics: every five and a half hours one death on country roads

Wiesbaden – Most of the fatal road accidents in Germany occur on country roads.

1592 people lost their lives, according to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), almost 59 percent of all road deaths. Almost 30 percent died in accidents within built-up areas, and almost 12 percent on motorways.

A total of 2,719 people came to one last year traffic accident killed (in addition 27 453 injured in 2,245,078 recorded accidents).

Despite the decline in the number of accidents in the Corona year 2020, the proportion of those killed on country roads was similar to that before the outbreak of the pandemic: in 2019 it was 58 percent, ten years earlier it was 60 percent.

Apart from the proportion of fatalities in traffic accidents on rural roads, these are also particularly often fatal: here there was recently one traffic death for an average of 295 accidents. By way of comparison: in 2020, on average, one person died in every 410 accidents on motorways, and every 2,031 accidents in localities.

Every seventh accident on country roads with personal injury

In total, the police recorded around 469,800 traffic accidents on country roads last year, around every seventh was an accident with personal injury (around 65,800). 1,592 people were killed, 22,842 were seriously injured and 67,395 were slightly injured.


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