Accident on the A8: BMW driver saved by the trunk

Ulm (Baden-Württemberg) – These rescue workers did an amazing job!

On Thursday night, around 12:45 a.m., paramedics, emergency doctors and the volunteer firefighters of three nearby fire departments were called to the Schrenstetten car park on the A8 in the direction of Munich.

A BMW driver (36) had lost control of his vehicle near Dornstadt (Baden-Württemberg). “He grazed the central guardrail, then turned right and crashed into a guardrail on the right-hand side of the road,” said a police spokesman. From there, the black BMW shot back and crashed into the trailer of a semitrailer.

The articulated lorry was standing in the area of ​​the parking lot entrance and was pushed onto an articulated lorry that was further ahead by the impact. “The two truck drivers who slept in their vehicles were not injured,” the spokesman said.

Even the trucks couldn’t slow down the BMW! The car involved in the accident spun further down the freeway and finally came to a stop on an earth wall.

The BMW is hardly recognizable as such. Rescue workers freed the driver (36) from thisPhoto: Thomas Heckmann

“The BMW was completely destroyed,” says the police spokesman to BILD. That’s probably why the rescue workers had to free the seriously injured driver from the wreckage via the trunk.

Hours of searching for a passenger

Because the 36-year-old claimed to the first rescuers to have had a passenger, dozens of emergency services searched the area.

A police helicopter with a thermal imaging camera rose into the air, and the dog unit was deployed.

While firefighters are clearing the scene of the accident, police forces are looking for the alleged passenger

While firefighters are clearing the scene of the accident, police forces are looking for the alleged passengerPhoto: Hald

“The search was called off after more than three hours,” the police spokesman said. “No information could be obtained that another person was in the BMW.”

The BMW driver was drunk, a blood test should determine the exact alcohol level. The police estimate the total damage caused by the crash at around 40,000 euros.


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