Accident in Styria (Austria): A Lamborghini is stuck here

Graz (Austria) – In the Stubenbergklamm in Styria, a Lamborghini got into trouble on Sunday. A tree fell from the mountainside onto the super sports car, wedged it in and dented the sheet metal!

It must have been a real shock for the driver of the Italian sports car: When he was driving the country road through the gorge at lunchtime, a 30-meter-high tree suddenly fell onto the country road. The trunk thundered on the bonnet with full force!

A Lambo in a tight spot! The inmates were lucky and not injuredPhoto: Stubenberg am See volunteer fire department

The Lamborghini was then even flatter. The occupants were lucky in the accident, the driver and front passenger came out of the car unharmed. But their hearts must have been bleeding in the face of the damage.

Only the fire brigade was able to free the wreck from the heavy weight of the tree. The Lambo was no longer ready to drive and had to be removed severely damaged.


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