Accident in Mönchengladbach: pedestrians suddenly stood on the street

Mönchengladbach – The destroyed front window of the VW Tiguan testifies to the violent impact of a person. The man (30) suddenly stood on the street in the dark on Tuesday evening. A car driver was able to avoid it, but the VW driver caught the pedestrian. He was seriously injured.

At around 10 p.m., the Tiguan driver (58) drove on Hardter Landstrasse in the direction of Mönchengladbach-Rheindahlen. There were four other occupants in the car (58, 27, 26, 24) – three from the family and a friend.

Behind the Schlaaweg, the VW then detects the pedestrian, charging them up. The man hit the windshield and threw him into the street.

Police officers recording the accident on the country road, the fire brigade illuminated the scene of the accident

Photo: Sascha Rixkens

Why the pedestrian was on the unlit street is still completely unclear. The victim was critically injured and taken to hospital. A blood sample was also taken from the man to determine whether he could have consumed alcohol or drugs.

Seconds before the accident, a woman from Mönchengladbach (31) was traveling in the opposite direction. She had seen the pedestrian at the last moment and was able to swerve to the right across the grass verge. She had tried to warn the oncoming Tiguan with the flasher.

When she saw the hazard warning lights in the rearview mirror, she knew that the VW had caught the person. She turned around and drove to the scene of the accident.

The police are still looking for witnesses who may have seen the pedestrian before the accident. Notes: ☎ 02161/290.


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